LI Script Client Services Representatives function as liaisons between the pharmacy and our clients.

Dedicated Client Services Representatives will collaborate with all LI Script operational departments to ensure positive clinical, operational, and financial results for the facilities and residents that we service.

Working in the Client Services Department allowed me to see exactly what our clients need from their pharmacy vendor, and meet those needs by working to implement new policies and procedures both within LI Script and also externally with our partner facilities.

Shannon Constantine

Director of Pharmacy

It's extremely important to everyone at LI Script that we immediately address and alleviate any pharmacy concerns for our clients. Many of us have had family members in the facilities that we service, including myself, and we want to be sure that pharmacy is not a concern for nursing, whose primary focus should be on patient care.

Lisa Guibas

Director of Client Services

Working with the Client Services Team

Transitioning to a new pharmacy vendor can be an intimidating process for the nurses and clinical staff at a facility. The Client Services team manages all aspects of the transition, implementing a personalized timeline and facility checklist to streamline the process, making it a positive experience for facility staff.

  • Initial transition meeting and introduction
  • Gather checklist items
  • Initial transition with EMR
  • Order required equipment carts/fax machines
  • Complete facility set-up in Pharmacy Software
  • Initial transition with EMR
  • Transfer of all data from EMR
  • Order required equipment carts/fax machines
  • Facility in-servicing for all staff
  • Obtain current census/new admission information
  • Order required equipment carts/fax machines
  • Delivery of carts and equipment
  • LI Script Client Services Team on-site
  • Delivery of e-kits, Policies & Procedures, and facility forms
  • Order required equipment carts/fax machines
  • Complete EMR integration
  • Scheduled facility check-in’s
  • Initial Survey Prep; Overview
  • Order required equipment carts/fax machines
  • FrameworkLink in-service and returns training

LI Script Nurses are available to provide on-site nursing development, DOH survey preparation, med-cart/treatment cart auditing, and e-kit reconciliation.

Your dedicated client services representative will review cost containment during scheduled pharmacy meetings. Custom reports and analyses will be produced to pinpoint areas of potential cost savings and trends can be identified. Our team will make recommendations and help implement changes within the facility to assist with cost savings programs.

LI Script offers first dose and emergency medications to all facilities ranging from small e-kits to large, automated dispensing machines. Our MedSelect ADM has the capacity to store over 100 different medications and is tied directly to the pharmacy so the nurse can view the resident profile, ensuring the safest care possible. 
*for more information on our MedSelect ADM — click here*

LI Script provides timely and relevant continuing education seminars for Administrators and Nurses.

LI Script is constantly advancing to support and assist the facilities that we service. Some highlights include:

Expansion of our education services with bi-
monthly Continuing Education Credits (CE’s) webinars for Administrators and Nurses. Participation in Federal/State BNE approved narcotic take back kiosk program.

LI Script updated its DEA license to become an Authorized Collector
  • No on-site physical destruction required
  • Saves hours of valuable nursing time
  • Portal to track the destruction of narcotics
  • DEA forms uploaded and saved for record keeping
Discharge Medication Pilot Program
  • LI Script confirms insurance coverage for medications before discharge
  • Ensures residents have their medications upon discharge to the community
  • Increases adherence to the medication and reduces rehospitalization
  • LI Script pharmacists contact residents after discharge to provide further counseling
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