LI Script believes that nurses should be focused on patient care. Let the pharmacy worry about medication!

With skilled pharmacy technicians and pharmacists at the ready 24/7, we aim to resolve the problem on the first call. LI Script ensures accurate and efficient delivery of medications through disciplined processes, technology, and unmatched customer service.

When you call you will not be stuck in a phone tree. Our goal is to answer the call in a timely manner, as quickly and efficiently as possible, to listen to what the caller is asking for, and to resolve the issue without delay. The more time your staff spends on the phone with us, the less time they have to dedicate to their patients.

With our primary responsibility being to provide medications for residents in need, our reviewing pharmacists and technicians are truly the heart of the pharmacy…

Keri Steinhart

Pharmacy Manager

I’m in the pharmacy from opening to close, I oversee the entire pharmacy operation, and I personally make sure that the facilities that LI Script services have everything that they need to care for their residents.

Michael Shamalov


Communicating with the Pharmacy

Multiple ways to order medications

Nurses are in-serviced and provided with a facility delivery schedule which includes a cut off time for orders placed, as well as a time that that a driver will leave the pharmacy on-route to the facility. This information is posted on every unit and provided to facility administration. Having this knowledge allows nursing a better understanding of when orders should be placed, when deliveries will arrive, and when a STAT order may be needed. Our hours and delivery time sheets also include LI Script contact information as well as back-up pharmacy information, should it be needed.

LI Script offers first dose and emergency medications to all facilities ranging from small e-kits to large, automated dispensing machines. Our MedSelect ADM has the capacity to store over 100 different medications and is tied directly to the pharmacy so the nurse can view the resident profile, ensuring the safest care possible.
*for more information on our MedSelect ADM — click here*

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