Facility And
Private Billing

Following COVID, everyone is left watching their bottom line and counting every penny.

It’s more important than ever to our Facility partners that only legitimate facility responsibilities end up on the facility bill. The LI Script billing experts review census’ daily and update payer sources appropriately, so that all available payments are collected from insurance companies.

We also work directly with residents and responsible parties to collect co-payments and charges that may be accrued during their stay in skilled nursing or assisted living facilities. Resident private bills, Medicaid co-pays and Medicaid Pending co-pays are never simply passed along on the facility bill.

Having the full view of both Facility billing and Private billing gives me a unique perspective and allows me to see all sides of our billing process, which ensures that our facility pharmacy bills remain at the lowest possible level, month after month.

Tara Nasso

Director of Business and Finance

Your Bill

Preadmission Cost Review

Use our online portal to generate real-time drug quotes thereby understanding the financial impact of a potential admission.

Facility Bills

Insurance experts take the burden off your staff and represents your residents' best interest on billing and insurance issues. Your dedicated billing representative will monitor costs, answer questions, and help you better understand your bills. We ensure that bills are clean, clear, concise, and easy to read.

Private Patient Bills

We know how complicated and overwhelming it can be for residents and responsible parties to manage insurance billing and costs, and we are here to be advocates for our patients in long term care, assisted living, and independent residents. We aim to clarify and resolve long standing and complicated billing problems to assist our patients and their families on their journey while residing at one of our partner facilities.

Potential Unrealized Credit

Our efforts to produce a flawless facility bill does not end with review of facility charges, but it also extends to facility credits. LI Script offers facilities a potential unrealized credit report to help tracking down potential credits and recover otherwise lost refund opportunities.
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