LI Script Health IT allows Pharmacy and Facility staff to work more safely and efficiently

to deliver care to residents. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, and work closely with our software partners to collaborate, coordinate, test and implement updates and changes to positively impact the LTC industry as a whole.

LI Script recognized some time ago that EMR integration would be the future of LTC pharmacy, becoming the new line of communication between facility and pharmacy. We knew that it was imperative for LI Script staff to become proficient in the language.

Diane Pupa

Pharmacy Implementation & EMR Specialist

The machines [automated packaging systems] provide high volume prepackage capabilities, allowing the pharmacy to have an ample supply of blister cards on hand at all times and guaranteeing that the pharmacy will meet any and all delivery demands.

Damian Sobolewski

Pharmacy Engineer

  • Backup generators
  • Off-site server protection
  • EMR downtime management protocol
  • MOU Disaster and Emergency Pharmacy Services Agreement
  • Innovate and proactive cyber security.

with a unique log-in, facility staff can remotely calculate a drug quote, generate return logs, run therapeutic reports and review monthly invoices with a click of a button.

Automated dispensing machine, Omnicell Accuflex single dose automated medication packaging machine:

  • High speed pharmacy automation capable of short cycle filling in any denomination:
    • Decreases % of returns = cost savings
    • Decreases % of waste = recouping nursing time
  • High volume pre-packing capabilities, allowing LI Script to meet all delivery demands

The two-way data interchange enables resident Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT), and medication orders to transmit between a long-term care facility and pharmacy.
We take extra steps to ensure that an integration and transition is safe for residents
Hands-on assistance and support to facility staff throughout every step of the EMR transition and order entry process

Immediate access to 100+ medications

  • Eliminating any delay in emergency and first dose administration
  • Biometric authentication security and access settings
  • Safest care possible with remote pharmacist review of all orders

Recouping nursing time

  • Secured coil system, pharmacy is responsible for maintaining par levels and expiration dates
  • Removing controlled substance ekit accountability, shift to shift counts and tracking
  • Full reporting capability reducing potential for diversion
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