LI Script Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists (BCGP) have passed a comprehensive examination

to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the use of medicines in older adults. In their unique practice, BCGPs provide pharmaceutical care to the elderly, including wellness, treatment, monitoring and patient safety service. The BCGP credential identifies pharmacists uniquely qualified to provide the standard of care that elderly patients deserve.

Many older adults have complex medication regimens, involving multiple medications from multiple prescribers. In these situations, a BCGP is a valuable addition to the patients’ healthcare team. Our Clinical BCGP’s review resident charts ensuring that prescribed medications are optimal for overall health and cost of care.

I coordinate with prescribers, nursing and administration to obtain exceptions, overrides and therapeutic interchanges for non-covered items, minimizing costs while maximizing healthcare benefits and outcomes.

Hany Mohamed

Director of Clinical Services

BCGP Making a Difference

Is a patient-centric approach to improve medication use. Patients are enrolled if they have multiple chronic diseases, take multiple medications, or have annual drug costs that exceed a predetermined threshold. Our clinical team will monitor CMS high risk medications and reach out to prescribers to discuss alternative treatment options. MTM:

  • Ensures medications are used to optimize therapeutic outcomes through improved medication use
  • Reduces the risk of adverse events
  • Improves adherence to medications
  • Coordinates care with other providers involved with delivering care to patients
  • Completion rate is a measure that CMS has incorporated into its Star Ratings since 2016

LI Script will notify facility of any non-covered items and offer recommendations for interchange and alternative therapies.

Clinical Pharmacists initiate the prior authorization process with third party payers when interchanges are not appropriate.

Clinical Pharmacists closely monitor residents prescribed medications requiring labs and participation in REMS programs, such as Clozaril and Blood Modifier Orders (Procrit/Aranesp).

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